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How many years have you been living with this problem?

You were born as a being with almost divine potential. But then your life turned out to be far from what you deserved. There are problems and blocks in your way that are stopping you from living the life you want to live. And you know it's not fair. That it just simply shouldn't be like this.


Maybe you're dealing with chronic pain. The pain that doctors have no solution for, they call it psychosomatic. So for years you bounce from one office door to another. But all you get are methods that make the pain a little less painful. And even they only work for a while.


Your relationship lacks respect, good sex, and joy. There is no closeness, there is constant undermining of your value. And sometimes you think that there must be something wrong with you. You are afraid that even if you change your partner, the situation will repeat itself.


You have already made so many attempts to change your financial situation. You improved your skills. You've had the help of good business strategists or you've just tried hard to go get a raise. But there is a financial ceiling above you. And you can't jump over it, even if you try.


You don't want to be addicted or have compulsive behaviors. You want to see yourself as a free person, so you lie to yourself. You also lie to those around you, so you feel guilty. And you feel ashamed that you can't deal with this problem. So the thought arises that you are too weak to cope with this problem.


You experienced something that left a mark on your life. And it has encoded in your mind very strong reactions to anything that even remotely resembles trauma. You face flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and isolation. And you think that trauma will forever affect your life and take away everything you care about.


Fear of flying, heights, spiders, public speaking. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, of love, of crowds and many others. You feel that if you could overcome this fear, you would finally do what you want. But this fear holds you in an iron grip. And you can't find an effective way to finally get rid of it anywhere.


You have lost someone or something important. And nothing seems the same anymore. You get stuck thinking about what you could have done differently and you lack life force. The past distracts you from what you can still do in life.


No matter how many diets you follow. It doesn't matter how healthy lifestyle you try to implement. And so you go back to your old habits. Like you're gaining weight even by breathing. Or as if you were losing it, even eating just the donuts.


You have a good life, but it means nothing to you at the moment. You put off the joy of life until later because you first have to satisfy your own ambitions and the needs of others. And because of all this, life seems flat and pointless.


You are a successful person. There are people who admire what you do. And yet inside you feel that you somehow managed to trick them. Because you definitely don't think that about yourself. You're afraid that someone will eventually notice that you don't deserve admiration. So you escape into perfectionism.


You find it difficult to cope with everyday challenges. You no longer enjoy the things that once gave you the greatest joy. Fear and depression have become the only companions in life you can be sure of. You don't even have the strength to do anything about it anymore. Unless it's some really light, quick method.


When you hear about  manifestation, you just sigh heavily. These theories sound good on paper, but somehow you fail to make any of them work. If you do attract something, it is either a fraction of what you want... Or just the opposite. And you blame yourself, all available methods and every expert for it.

What if you could be free from it in just a few days or weeks?

See what results are achieved by people who regularly use Sanomentology.


You can have healthy, supportive relationships full of joy and love. The ones you dream about all your life, but you don't know how to achieve them. It's not true that it's not for you. This is made for you. And your patterns of love cannot stop you from having them.


It's a lie that you're not worthy of anything you want. It is not true that you are a fundamentally shy person and there is nothing you can do about it. You can be the king of life. Or a queen. This right was given to you at your birth. Or earlier. What matters is that you have it in you.


Pain, addictions, weight problems. All this can be regulated with the help of Sanomentology. You can go back to life as you remember it before these problems. Or create a new, much better life. Free from what drags you down, no matter what you do.


What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money? What lifestyle would you lead? Imagine it. Your actions may start to bring you results. The results better than you have ever dared to dream before.


Trauma does not define who you are. You can free yourself from it completely. You can't change the past, but you can create your future free from trauma. Just think, what kind of life can you create without it?


You can wake up in the morning and smile at the day you will live. You can derive joy and satisfaction from what you do. You may have a positive impact on your life. And the lives of others. And you can gladly use this amazing gift.

This an all-access program to every one of the Sanomentology programs. 

What makes working with Sanomentology: Recordings unique?

Speed of operation, efficiency and durability of effects. And the gentleness of this method.

They are not just hypnotic scripts telling you to change or giving you a positive mental attitude. Most other programs or methods just scratch at the surface of the issues and problems, resulting in mild and often temporary results.

  • By using recordings of Sanomentology sessions, you do not analyze the causes of your problems. You may have been forced to do this analysis for years. And what did it give you? Nothing. Because these reasons are encoded in your unconscious mind, not in your logic.
  • During the session, you get to the source of your problems using your imagination. Imagination stimulated by the words I say. This way I can address any problem you are facing. And stimulate your unconscious mind to find an effective and lasting solution to a problem that, just think about it, your unconscious mind created itself.
  • Unlike many methods of working with the unconscious mind, here we work with the consent of your critical mind. We don't try to get around it. This is why the effects are lasting. When your critical mind wakes up, it has no reason to reactivate the problem.
This is what makes the effects of Sanomentology astonish experts of other methods. And they usually have good intentions. So they come to me to learn Sanomentology.

Once purchased you will be sent a personal code within 24 hours for your own use that will give you free access to all of the individual audio programs.

Do not share this code as it can only be used once per program. 



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