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Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design - Subscription


Do you want to use a groundbreaking, awarded method of working with the unconscious mind when working with clients?

It doesn't matter whether you already have your own practice or are just planning to open it. Sanomentology will dazzle you with its effects at every stage. And it will affect also you, not only your customers.

Do you, or do you want to, facilitate change in your clients?

It's a noble cause. Win-win situation. But how are you doing so far?

Customers are delighted with the results at the beginning. But then they report to you difficulties in maintaining the effects. You try to help them as best you can. But you really don't know how to help them in the long run.

You see limitations in the methods you use. So you improve your craft. You learn new methods. Behind every new method there are tempting theories. And then... You realise that this is another method that only helps your clients superficially.

You try to put on a good face for a bad game. You start to lack confidence in what you do. You have no support from the people from whom you learned your methods. You see that they only cared about selling you their course.

Because of all this, you are struggling with problems created by your own mind. The very problems your methods were supposed to solve but didn't. Imposter syndrome, non-deservedness, fear of charging prices which reflect your true value, lack of energy, health problems.

If you're dealing with this, how can you promise results to your clients? All this makes you feel confused about the therapeutic and developmental world. You feel frustrated. Lost. Humanly disappointed.

Or maybe you are just thinking about making helping others your job?

All this awaits you once you get into this grind. And you can face it forever if you choose the wrong method.

And then your dreams of a life full of satisfaction, freedom, travel, money and appreciation... will fade away like a dream.

And you won't even know what to do with it.

The world of therapy and self-development has also failed me.

I identified five main problems with it.


Until recently, methods of working with the unconscious were based on manipulation. And manipulation is easily detected by the unconscious mind. And then the unconscious resists. Overcoming this resistance may only work temporarily or not at all.


People who are temporarily unable to cope with life come to therapists and change workers. Their psyche is a delicate matter. Meanwhile, most methods drag your clients through processes that may be traumatic for them. And for what? Does this really increase your results?


There is nothing more frustrating in a therapist's life than a delighted client who comes back because their problem has returned. You care about your customers. You want to give them lasting results. Why doesn't it work on them when you've been taught it should?



Just think. How can you ensure lasting change for your clients if you don't go through change yourself with a given method? There are key characteristics of a successful change worker. You will not achieve success if you do not awaken them in yourself. A good method should provide you with this.


Yes exactly. Most courses teaching the method are just recordings. You finish it and get a certificate, but you don't know where to ask questions when you encounter a client with a certain problem. Alternatively, you have to pay endlessly for updates, new modules and support.


Doesn't this tire you out?

How much longer are you willing to chase the next method?

Aren't you a coach, therapist or other change worker to free people from the above?

From the lack of effects, from the lack of durability of the effects, from traumatic experiences, from being endlessly manipulated and not supported?

Didn't you become one to free yourself from that?

What does the Sanomentology: Therapeutic Design training include?

Below you will find the names of the training modules, along with their short description.


What is Sanomentology? How does it work in simple words? What are its principles and the ethical code of a Sanomentologist?


New concept. Discussion of the concept of 6 dimensional Consciousness and communication between dimensions.


5 attributes you need to be a successful Sanomentologist. What qualities can you work on to awaken a good Sanomentologist in you?


How does a Sanomentologist work with Consciousness? How do we enter and bring clients into higher states of consciousness?


How does a Sanomentologist communicate with the most basic level of the unconscious mind? How can we mediate with it without manipulating it?


How to work with a client in a sanomentological dream state? How to use Inner Journeys and Interactive Lucid Dreams in a gentle and effective way?


How to work with deeper processes to gain access to higher states of Consciousness? What is higher Consciousness, the Alpha and Omega state?


How to stimulate the unconscious mind to work on healing from general illnesses and dealing with emotional issues with this protocol?


How to help customers solve multi-cause problems using a multi-faceted process to root out the issues from their origins?


How to clean the amygdala from unfinished business? How to change reactions and encourage cooperation between the Conscious and Unconscious Minds?


How to help clients unable to deal with feelings of guilt? How can we enable them to come to terms with this feeling and provide them with support during the process?


What are common mechanisms for dealing with shame? How does this relate to Imposter Syndrome? How to solve feelings of shame, using Sanomentology?


How to establish a connection between Consciousness, Unconsciousness and Superconsciousness to support your clients in achieving their goals?


How to strengthen the ability to learn, remember and acquire new skills and abilities by engaging the Unconscious Mind in this process? How to remove blocks from learning?


How to quickly change the client's emotional state and motivation from acting from a position of fear and unpleasant emotions to acting from a position of love?


How can we provide clients with a repeatable process of increasing self-belief and self-confidence that will help them solve many of their own problems?


How to quickly change a client's perspective on their problems and help them work with every level at which they exist, from the atom to the Universe?


The basics of manifestation accompanied by inspired action. A protocol for clearing your intentions and finding the easiest way to reach your goal.


How to reactivate the ability to reason and see the truth of the world? What is a way to establish a power word that empowers the client?


How to awaken specific traits using Sanomentology? How to solve what blocks customers from recognizing them in themselves?


How to access a deeper level of Law of Attraction based on the theory of general reality and the reality frequency calculator?


How does the split in the use of lower states of consciousness contribute to the development of psychological problems? How do you make repairs at these levels by entering the highest state of consciousness?


How to help clients look at their problems from the highest state of consciousness? How do you allow them to explore freely when they are in this state and give them access to the solutions available at this level?


How to ensure the free flow of intentions and inspirations between all six states of consciousness? How to increase clients ability to solve problems and prepare them for manifestation based on inspired actions?


What is pain? How does it work? Why do we experience it? How can we help clients reduce the level of chronic pain or completely eliminate pain described as psychosomatic?


Why do people become addicts? The science behind it. How does the brain work in addictions? What is the psychological reasoning behind it? How to effectively deal with addictions?


How do fears and phobias work? What are they actually? Why and when do people start experiencing them? What to do to help clients get rid of fears and phobias?


What is trauma? How does it work? What does science say about it? How to help clients end their trauma response?


Why diets don't work? Why is weight a problem and how is programming the number one cause of all weight issues?


How to solve sleep difficulties? How can you help clients return to a healthy sleep cycle and stop snoring?


Similarities and differences between them. How to work with them to end them? How to support clients in this process?


How to adapt Sanomentology processes to deal with them? Discussion of anonymous examples from therapeutic work.


Overview of bipolar, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and other issues. How to work with people experiencing them?


How to quickly help people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks? How to stop the feeling of disorientation?


How do different Consciousnesses interact? The process to deter bad interactions and attract good ones.


How to take part in a program aimed at healing the entire Earth? Session for people at a high level of self-healing.


Discussion of the laws of Mentalism, Vibration, Correspondence, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender. Processes for people who want to understand how they work.

You only need one course. One that will change your life and the lives of your customers.

  • No more entering a course with high hopes and then paying endlessly for additional modules and support.
  • No more using methods that fail you and your customers. And you bend over backwards to justify to yourself that maybe it's worth using them.
  • No more manipulating customers "for their good", no more traumatizing them, supposedly for the same purpose.
  • Everything you need to help with trauma, addiction, chronic pain, fears and phobias, stress, anxiety and depression, grief, weight management, love, sex, relationships, personal growth, manifestation, learning, joyful living, business mindset, in one place!
  • 48 lessons, nearly 40 hours of knowledge, comprehensive manual containing over 600 pages with session protocols.
  • Your clients' results. For which they will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives and will happily recommend you further.
  • Lifetime access to the course with lifetime support from the author of the award-winning method at no additional cost!


  • Additionally, in this short time offer, access to all Sanomentology: Recordings trainings, with which you will solve all the problems in your unconscious mind!


  • 7 Sections
  • 47 Lessons
  • 8 Quizzes
  • 0 Zooms
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  • 0m Duration
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How to complete this training
1 Lesson0 Quizzes0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Tips for Training
3 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Introduction to the Training
  2. Consciousness: A New Concept
  3. Attributes for Success
  4. Introduction
Working with Consciousness
22 Lessons5 Quizzes0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Different States Part 1
  2. Mind Mediation
  3. Inner Journey
  4. Progress Check 1
  5. Interactive Lucid Dreaming
  6. Progress Check 2
  7. Different States Part 2
  8. Progress Check 3
  9. The G.O.S.H. Protocol
  10. The T.I.M.E. Protocol
  11. Progress Check 4
  12. The Resolute Pact
  13. Reckoning and Redemption
  14. Shameless
  15. The Unity Process
  16. The Awakening
  17. Love and Fear
  18. Belief and Confidence
  19. Connections
  20. Manifest your Dreams and Succeed
  21. LOGOS
  22. Changes
  23. Travellers
  24. Consciousness Regeneration
  25. Bifrost
  26. Enigma
  27. Progress Check 5
Therapeutic Design
10 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Pain Elimination
  2. Addictions
  3. Fears and Phobias
  4. PTSD
  5. Weight Management
  6. Sleep
  7. Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  8. Other Maladies
  9. Psychological Disorders
  10. Emergency Interventions
  11. Progress Check 6
Further Still
2 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Breakout
  2. Reality Check
Hermetic Laws
7 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Mentalism
  2. Correspondence
  3. Vibration
  4. Polarity
  5. Rhythm
  6. Cause and Effect
  7. Gender
Bonuses and Final Words
2 Lessons1 Quiz0 Zooms0 Assignments
  1. Bonus 1 - Knowledge and Skills
  2. Bonus 2 - Hyperlatticle Peregrination and Final words
  3. Final quiz for certificate


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